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Htmlcoin emerged in 2014 just as Bitcoin and other alt coins of the crypto world were beginning to firmly establish themselves as more than just passing fads. Htmlcoin founder, doctoral student Amando Boncales, saw the potential in cryptocurrencies and, even more so, the blockchain technology that all cryptocurrencies are built upon. He launched Htmlcoin with the firm belief that blockchain is the technology of tomorrow and harbors an important key to improving humanity’s future.

Today, Htmlcoin goes beyond functioning merely as an extremely secure form of payment. A 2017 redesign of Htmlcoin, with an eye on mass adoption, has made it more than just a crypto coin. It is now also a hybrid blockchain platform with numerous user capabilities, including the ability to serve as a communication tool, a technological tool, or an educational tool.

Most importantly, Htmlcoin has been designed to be accessible to everyone, and possesses all the ingredients of a coin and blockchain platform that truly has the potential to change lives.

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