1# Features

Next generation
mobile engagement

With the Jalapeno platform, it’s never been easier to build user engagement across all your apps. Your users will be empowered by their achievements within game-play so their game experience is not interrupted.

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2# How It Work

We connect unique customers and brands seamlessly, prompting engagements and discovery across our network of mobile apps without interrupting users during game-play.

We make mobile monetization enjoyable for everyone.


Our platform allows developers to reach out to users with targeted rewards that are integrated with the user’s experience.


Seamless integration of rewards gives users a positive image of your brand.


Users are given the choice when to engage with rewards. Empowered users are happy users.

Happy Users Spend More Money

3# Demo

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5# Team

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7# Privacy Policy

Our Basic Approach

We value our customers and endeavor to cultivate a loyal, satisfied user-base by providing quality software and support. If you have an issue please check out our Keep in Touch section. We want happy customers and will do our best to resolve any problem you may have.

We Take Your Privacy Seriously

We will never upload your photos, address book data, location or any other personal information to our servers.

We collect personal information when you request support, enter a contest, or otherwise engage us in a way that requires interaction.

We will never sell or distribute your personal information to a third party. We want our information respected and believe in doing the same for our customers.

We will never email you unless you’ve asked us to. If you are on a mailing list and would like to unsubscribe, there is a link for doing so at the bottom of every email you have received from us.

We store personal information gathered during interactions in order to facilitate providing future support & service. We take reasonable precautions to ensure the protection of all such personal information.

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